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02022020.SPACE info

Zon 2 Feb | Theaterzaal | 6:20 Scheltema Leiden Marktsteeg 1 2312 CS Leiden Netherlands

Evenement in Scheltema Leiden op 02-02-2020

Op 2 februari 2020 (02-02-2020) organiseert voormalig Veenfabriek ontdekking Lam Lai ‘02022020.SPACE’, een muzikaal event ter ere van deze opkomende palindroom datum. Op 2 februari zullen 40 verschillende makers van over de hele wereld uit maarliefst 13 verschillende tijdzones 26 uur lang binnen verschillende disciplines muziek en kunst maken. Een van de locaties is Scheltema in Leiden, waar op 2 februari van 7:20 uur t/m 3 februari 10:20 uur live performances plaatsvinden en tegelijkertijd een stream te bekijken is van alle andere performances wereldwijd.

Een unieke gebeurtenis op een al even unieke datum!
Kaarten kosten € 15,00. Meer informatie bij de Veenfabriek of via de site van het project

Scheltema Leiden stelde voor dit bijzondere project haar ruimte geheel gratis ter beschikking. Vanuit de Veenfabriek zijn artistiek leider Paul Koek en muzikaal leider Ton van der Meer nauw betrokken bij het project.

Lees hieronder meer over het idee achter het project (ENG):

// Who are we? //
We are a group of artists who are enthusiastic about the upcoming palindrome date, 02-02-2020. We build this platform aimed at connecting different artists and partners to give an artistic response to the once-in-a-lifetime date and discover its obscured absurdity in relation to our current world.

// Why 02022020.SPACE? //
This project combines the enthusiasm of humanity in connection to a once-in-a-lifetime event and the irreversible digitalised world where everything can be streamed. Our coming generation will be born into this environment where massive information in visual-time format can be accessed anytime, anywhere in both active and passive ways. We believe humans should be able to adapt to any new environment eventually. But where are we heading?

// What is 02022020.SPACE? //
02022020.SPACE is a collective art project in response to our next palindrome date, 02-02-2020. Artists that work with diverse artforms are invited to create works exploring the hidden meanings of the date in relation to our society, culture and our planet, not limited to the impact of the once-in-a-lifetime event, but also the attraction of highly repetitive and reversible numeric effects, and the global influence of timezones.

The most brilliant cultural highlights of recent times have involved people broadcasting ideas in innovative ways, with web-based technology becoming one of the major elements in our daily life. 02022020, also a 8-digit computer-friendly code, is ideally situated in the Internet culture, ushering in the new vision of information exchange in the nearest future. On 02-02-2020, a collective of artists will create a 26-hour programme of artworks and performances that will be streamed on the Internet for viewers in all timezones. The Live performances with local audience are presented in 10+ cities around the world. The audience will also see the streaming of the performances and artworks in other locations.

// How does it work? //
The whole project embraces the concept of time-zones. Each time-zone enters the day sequentially. Currently 38 time-zones are being used on our planet including all offsets of 30/45/60 minutes. Wherever you will be on the 2nd of February, there will be one art work or performance released at 20:20 in the evening in every time-zones. The works can take many forms including, live performances, installations, recorded works or artworks created in a web-based form. Audience can follow all the time-zone events on our website from the first one UTC+14 to the last UTC-12, experiencing total 26 hours of art events that unveil the maximum potential of the day.

Apart from sitting at home and watching the whole event on the Internet, the audience can also go to the venue where the Live performances are presented and watch the streaming programme with other audiences.